Food and drink

Food and Drink
Mid morning / afternoon/ after school snack

Fruit (fresh and dried), cheese, and crackers, yoghurts, crumpets, bread sticks/rice cakes


Homemade soups e.g. butternut squash, chicken & veg, leek & potato
Sandwiches (Bread, wraps or pitta), cream cheese, tuna, ham, chicken, cheese
Homemade mini pizzas
Scrambled egg on toast
Cheese on toast
Omelette with veg and or meat
Homemade fish fingers with sweet potato chips
Baked potatoes with a variety of toppings e.g. tuna mayo, cheese

Sides: carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives,

Main Meal

All homemade:-

Chicken and Cauliflower curry, rice, naan
Chicken stir fry
Fish pie and veg
Cottage pie and veg
Meat and potato pie and veg
Chicken tagine
Meatballs and spaghetti
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Chicken Casserole
Macaroni Cheese
Chicken and chorizo Casserole

Sides: all meals with be served with a variety of vegetables

There are other meals that will be prepared and served.  All food will be homemade.  Main meals will be served with vegetables where appropriate.  Fruit and yoghurts will always be offered after each meal and puddings i.e. jelly, ice-cream, rice pudding, cakes and biscuits will be offered at times when appropriate and only if agreed with parents.

If any children are in my care at breakfast, porridge, weetabix, toast, crumpets yoghurts and fruit will be offered.  I will also offer a few other cereals but first need to check out the sugar content etc.  My own daughter only ever has porridge during the week and then has an alternative cereal at a weekend as a treat.



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